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Plano Chiropractor, Dr. James Salvo Shares his Passion For Chiropractic

Home Schooler— In the 8th grade, James Salvo’s parents decided to home school him and his brother. At the time, he thought it would be fun to stay home and relax all day.Plano chiropractor, Dr. James Salvo Little did he know what was in store for him. His mother had him up at 5 in the morning running for P.E. and in class by 12 Monday through Friday. In the afternoons, he and his brother were either out volunteering or working at their jobs. He developed a work ethic well beyond what he thought he could obtain— and he developed a deep passion for learning. By his senior year, James was the spokesperson for the Plano Education Association for Christian Homeschoolers. Although he doesn’t think home schooling is for everyone, he credits the experience for molding him into the person he is today.

Eagle Scout—James obtained his eagle scout when he was 14 years old. The character he developed through the scouting program was priceless. From wilderness survival to leadership skills, he learned more about life and himself than he ever thought possible.

Why Dr. Salvo became a Plano Chiropractor

When James was seventeen years old, he jumped head first into a 4 foot deep lake. He was not paralyzed or severely injured, but over the course of a year, his resulting pain reached a point where he had to stop playing competitive tennis. He found he could no long perform the way he wanted to athletically.

For that year, he decided against seeing a chiropractor, thinking the profession was bogus. He finally grew so depressed and discouraged, he took a friend’s recommendation and booked an appointment with a chiropractor. After only a month of regular adjustments, he was pain free. He also gained new enlightenment into the field of Chiropractic.

Later, he started working for the doctor who treated him and was able to witness the transformation of people’s lives on a daily basis. It was then he changed his major from Advertising Journalism to start his prerequisites for Parker Chiropractic College. Chiropractic has a dear place in Dr. Salvo’s heart and he loves sharing it with everyone.

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