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Are You Struggling with Pain?

Back pain, neck pain, knee pain and headaches are among the most common conditions we treat. Chronic pain can disrupt your sleep, affect your job performance and your family life and leave you feeling sad and depressed.

As Plano Chiropractors we work to correct the underlying cause of your problems. In many cases this can be undetected nerve damage. This is precisely what chiropractic medicine is designed to treat. Our gentle chiropractic adjustments will bring the spine back into proper alignment.

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If you find yourself waking up feeling tired, sluggish or full of aches and pains—we can help. Our safe, effective treatment will naturally realign your body, helping you regain balance and vitality.

At our Plano Chiropractic office,we don't believe in one-size-fits all health care. We know that every body is unique and each person has different health concerns. That's why we spend time getting to know you as an individual. We want to understand your wellness goals—so that we can help you achieve each one— naturally.

Chiropractic care is commonly accepted as the safest, drug free and non invasive treatment option available for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, even headaches and migraines.
But our Plano chiropractors can do more that soothe your body aches. Through chiropractic treatment, we have successfully helped our patients overcome sinuses infections, hormone imbalances, anxiety, asthma and so much more.

In addition, chiropractic treatment boosts the immune system and has lasting effects on your emotional balance—achieved without harmful medications that may have undesirable side effects. Chiropractic treatment is well suited for people of all ages, from baby to great grandparent—and treatment is gentle and fast.

So if you're tired of the status quo, and want to experience the difference of personalized health care provided by friendly and caring doctors and staff, call 972.596.2273 to schedule your free consultation.

Drs. Cohoon and James want to help you lead a happier, healthier life. Get started today!